scott mescudi


im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind


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2627 days ago



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M_MGI 2252 days ago

not OoooOoooh,,,,,It Sounds like Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuh

TajReese 2370 days ago

In My Mind...It Sounds Like...OooooooOoooooh.

RebelliousDaisy 2599 days ago


T0x1c_Sw33t21 2602 days ago

omg its not real? or is it real? if its not kool statue

VikkieVale 2618 days ago

racist mofo.. lol

micasixx 2623 days ago

does it weigh a lot?

itstymiawes 2624 days ago

ROCK ME AMADEUS, amadeus amadeus amadeus.

MsAngelaAshley3 2625 days ago

thats tight reminds me of my high school mascot,wolfpack love it

_QueenGhee 2627 days ago

that thang woulda scared the strait shit outta me.

SaraTonin_901 2627 days ago

omg, that is dope i like it

_OhMyDarling 2627 days ago

i luv it.

vaniixx 2627 days ago

honestly, that j freaks me the fuck out lmao..cannot wait to see u tmrw at megajammm

HeyThatsHer 2627 days ago

Sooo whenever your wasted this doesnt catch you off guard and scare your ? lol ha don't lie

Cemonae 2627 days ago


gracepedrotti 2627 days ago

i would move it around and make guests nervous :) i imagine anybody who "catches a glimpse" never forgets amadeus :P

Ja_capitalL_esa 2627 days ago

Ah! Love it! And 2 80s songs just popped in my head. Duran duran's hungry like the wolf and rock me amadeus. Well he's the protector of the Cudder so I love it!

msmartinezjones 2627 days ago

Great Scott!!! That is crazy! My kids would be freaking out if they saw

Treyskyhigh 2627 days ago

lol yo thats dope

mariotijerina 2627 days ago


JoiAfrique 2627 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! You are crazy! LMAO...I cant believe you really keep this in the house. Hilarious!!! I love you man!