" I think I was a little groupie at first. When we started becoming friends, I think I was like 15, we used to do all the radio shows together…so she used to come, she’d sit outside the dressing room and she’s like - can I come in and see Chris or whatever- I used to kinda play her to the left a little bit like nah Ima act like I don’t like her, I don’t wanna talk to her, because I was nervous, I was like man I don’t know what the hell to say, she probably talk to older dudes, I’m a corny little dude, I smile too much, I’m dancing, girls don’t like that for real…that’s what I’m thinking. I put my guard up most of the time until I actually hung out and we was just chilling, I was like - dang! this girl is cool. She not regular, she’s not looking at me like oh you Chris Brown-, she’s like -  N***a, I don’t care, I got my own money!"