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2540 days ago



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vheckler 2527 days ago

I wonder if Kristian and Amy Ray get together and sew their plaid pants in bulk?

bgstsugarlndfan 2536 days ago

LOL!!! it looks like you guys are jumping over something cause your both looking in the same direction!

jen621945 2537 days ago

That pic looks so cool.

juanitadawn 2537 days ago

That is pretty cool.

lattice_s 2538 days ago

I was totally trying to get a picture of that but I got it right after they landed. So Jenn's hair is flying everywhere :)

lattice_s 2538 days ago

SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAAA!! I'm Maria and I was there! lol :D

artsy_diva 2539 days ago

great photo, fun, fun, fun!

juliah712 2539 days ago

Looks like this was from the Seattle concert. I recognize what they are wearing!! That was a great concert!!!

SugarlandFan567 2540 days ago

it does look like yall are flying.. i went to walmart recently and the walmart i went to they had 8 more copys of yalls live on the inside cd. i already have mine and i love it..

brookelvssllbt 2540 days ago

you really look like your flying! Not sure where that last burst of energy comes from after a show but Love it!!

Terriplant 2540 days ago

So much fun!! Life is never dull around you guys!

KennyThatu 2540 days ago

Hey! I found the KEY!

cowgirl14887 2540 days ago

haha that's awesome..look at their cool pants!

pj_flower 2540 days ago

that's a great shot. you guys alway have so much fun

LittleBigSL_Fan 2540 days ago

That's a great picture! Nice pants Kristian!

jimsgirlcorky 2540 days ago

What energy, lol, wish I had some of it. Lovely pic!

SugarlandGal 2540 days ago

CLASSIC! That's awesome

pamiedavis 2540 days ago

Awesome picture!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!

Sugarland4life 2540 days ago

LOVE THIS PIC!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SL_FindYurHeart 2540 days ago

very nice! Jenn had the right kinda boots on for that jump!! lol