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gabymcosta 1663 days ago

Ohhh God, I wish I could.....

Nattalee 1678 days ago

shaaawing :)

iviART 2063 days ago

what the...

gabrrriellaa 2112 days ago


lovetodjm 2126 days ago

If I send you my address will you come to my house and pose for me?

kimy218 2128 days ago

Damn he's so hott!!!

JenLHall 2161 days ago

whew... now that is hot!

LindaRachelle 2201 days ago

Hey, you know...... uh....
I forgot what I was going to say.

LeBrasil 2202 days ago

Oh Jesus... i love you so much =)

emilylynn83 2208 days ago

must... stop... staring... I agree with lakewood41..haha. Thanks for the distractions from work!!!

deja_vinewine 2216 days ago

Nice pants..nice um face too!

crisisteamtina 2218 days ago are super hot

glogirlrb 2219 days ago

we should be lovers for one night and go back to being friends...from the girl in WBP (Ritz) on departure day ;) thank-you - muah!!

Gr8tfulDayz 2221 days ago

God I love you lol

believebeloved 2264 days ago

My dreamboat!

lakewood41 2265 days ago

and you wonder why we stalk you

dreamngtreehugr 2271 days ago

Damn it! People keep stealing my lines. I'M the dirty rascal!
What the hell are you looking at, anyway?

DavesJoyfulGirl 2272 days ago

I can't tell you all the naughty things I think when I look at this picture. It would make me blush!

Amybtru4DMB 2273 days ago

Jesus Christ I am back today for the 15th time. Even showed my husband. I said you know I love you right...lolol..But look at this shit! Sin is soaked in good!

Amybtru4DMB 2274 days ago

I wonder does Dave want to be seen as an object?
Well..if he does that picture makes me moist..
If he doesn't,I apologize..