STOP MASS KILLER Wake County pound director Julie Federico of North Carolina !! Animal advocates call for Wake Pound director’s resignation over killing of “rescued” cats!!

This is not the first time Dr. Federico has been quick to choose death for a pet who had other options. Almost a year ago, Danielle Miller says Wake pound staff assured her they would find a home for her dog Tucker. Instead, they killed him 45 minutes after his arrival, despite having told her in two previous phone calls that Tucker was doing just fine. “I told them I was coming back to get him, and they said, ‘Don’t bother. He’s already dead.’ I said there must be some mistake.”

Dr. Federico said the 45 minutes Tucker was given to “chill out” in his scary and strange new environment was actually longer than she and her staff usually give pets before deciding to end their lives.
Also during Dr. Federico’s watch: earlier this year a volunteer who had previously been a full-time employee was charged with molesting at least four dogs at the pound after he reportedly went to a website that features bestiality and posted at least three photos of himself  having sex with dogs.
Previous Wake pound director Dennis McMichael resigned after three months on the job amid controversy, including the killing of a TV station’s Pet of the Day on the same day the dog, Sassy, appeared on the newscast.

Wake County pound staff killed almost 50% of the dogs and cats who came into during 2012.

Killing is the ultimate form of violence. While cruelty and suffering are abhorrent, while cruelty and suffering are painful, while cruelty and suffering should be condemned and rooted out, there is nothing worse than death, because death is final. An animal subjected to pain and suffering can be rescued. A traumatized animal subjected to savage cruelty can even be rehabilitated, as the dog fighting case against football player Michael Vick demonstrates. Dogs who the Humane Society of the United States lobbied to have killed because they claimed they were dangerous as a result of the abuse went on to loving, new homes and some even became therapy dogs, bringing comfort to cancer patients. Where there is life, there is hope, but death is hope’s total antithesis. It is the eclipse of hope because the animals never wake up, ever. It is the worst of the worst–a fact each and every one of us would immediately and unequivocally recognize if we were the ones being threatened with it.” ~Nathan Winograd, “Animal Lovers Need Not Apply.”