#Romania - The nazification of social relations! The institutionalization, bureaucratization, and legitimisation of violence - the rise of the state terrorism.

by Andrzej Szczepanek - The violent animal slaughter program currently approved by the Romanian parliament and being executed by the Romanian state aiming at the total extermination of stray animals in the country is an ominous and warning sign of how and to what extent a society can be subject to the violent process of social and moral degeneration amidst the world-wide socio-economic decline. 

The same insidious process of social degeneration led to the Great Depression of 1929 and the outbreak of the Second World War with its gas chambers and crematoria. We are as indifferent to the agonies of other sensitive living beings as the Nazis were indifferent to the torment of millions who perished in gas chambers. We are treating them in the same business-like manner as the Nazi treated their victims. We give consent to the institutionalization, legitimization, bureaucratization and commercialization of violence and terror. 

The indifference is the same. The economic decline is the same. The institutionalization of evil is the same under the guise of legality. 

Romania mocks the victims of the Holocaust and the global institutions keep silent!

Evil has the face of dead human bodies with glassy, wide-opened terror- filled eyes staring vacantly at nothingness. Evil has the stone face of those who were crowded into a gas chamber and who died from asphyxiation. Evil is the unresponsiveness of the cold of a dead body. Evil stinks of decay and decomposition. Evil is a multitude of dead and rigid animal bodies, maimed and bloodied, littering the ground. Evil is a desperate cry of agony of a living being whose life is being violently and cruelly terminated by those who often derive pleasure from this ultimate act of violence and rape. Evil is all-pervading dread resulting from dying. Evil is the psychological suffering of those exposed to violence and death. Evil has the confident face of the bureaucrats and officials who promote violence. 

Evil has the face of Romania and Syria. And evil has a tremendously devastating impact on the welfare of the society. One might shrug and say: What of it? It is only animals that are being killed. 

True, the Romanian policy of animal extermination means simultaneous violation of human rights and the attack on the constitutional rights of non-governmental organizations but humans are not being killed. So, there is no cause for alarm. 

Yes, there is. 

What is puzzling in the contemporary world is the unprecedented wave of oppression, socio-economic misery and violence. Something hitherto unexpected is brewing, something is in the air. The world's societies are in commotion. There is social unrest, civil disobedience, the questioning of the fundamental values on which the present day capitalist neo-liberal social order rests. There is loss of faith in state institutions, there is the questioning of the world's establishment's legitimacy to exercise power once this power works against the society, there is the issue of the true meaning of democracy and true sustainable social order.