End to Concentration camps for animals in #Serbia !! Dogs and cats, kittens and puppies are tortured, slaughtered on daily basis. There are no enough shelters for all and they die on streets from hunger, cold, thirst, abuse.
Many are poisoned.
If they survive the street,they are murdered, whether during transport to "pounds" or immediatelly upon arrival. The time they spend alive, in pounds, they spend starving. 
The lives and deaths of these poor animals are a source of economic exploitation for animal pounds (which are funded by tax payers), and many other professions involved.

We request following solution of this problem: 

1. Transformation of all animal pounds into actual care centres for animal welfare, with NO KILL POLICY. 

2.Transport of animals with care and in a non-agressive manner. (one animal per
cage and without the use of torture techniques) 

3. A main focus on the neutering of animals, which ultimately will help with overpopulation problems.

4. Public access to all 'animal centre' documents and premises' to prevent
financial gain through falsified records, and also the torture and abuse behind
closed doors.

We want all centres for animal welfare to be focused on the accommodation and
help to abandoned animals; to cure them, desex and provide services which help
find them permanent homes. We simply request a civilized approach to this
problem; NO more concentration camps built for animals under the guise of an
'animal pound/care centre'.