Hi love, I don't know if you receive this letter but I hope you will.
The truth is that I don't know what to say, but I will make it simple.
Please never erase this beautiful smile from your face, because it shines my world. 
We always want to see this smile, so...never stop smiling!
I know you just do what you like, but your songs and their lyrics, I feel so good in my bad moments, it's strange.
I hope to meet you someday, #NSN and I wanna tell you I'm proud the work you've done and for the awards you have won. You deserve it.
I want you to know I will always be here. You have to be strong in all senses I don't want you to let yout smile go out from your face. I hear your voice singing is....incredible, love it.
And whatever it happens, whatever you do, no matter how many mistakes you make, I will always be here, with you and support you. I believe in you!
We will always be here for u no matters what. Everyone wants to see fall, but we won't allow it, we will be there.
U smile, I smile ¿do you remember this?