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Mondays with ALEC: Education 


In the latest installment of a regular Monday series, StandUpToALEC.org is highlighting the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its agenda on education. ALEC pursues an extreme corporate agenda in state legislatures, directly attacking the rights of working families. In the recent decades the organization has been operating, they have had successes in rolling back the rights of America's workers on a variety of issues. In the past few years, though, broad efforts have been made to push back against the ALEC agenda and while there have been a lot of victories, more work needs to be done. Raising awareness about the organization is a big part of that, and Mondays with ALEC is an effort toward that goal.

Today, StandUpToALEC discusses the extremist group's education policy. ALEC claims to be a champion of education but supports a series of policy options that would devastate public schools, hurt students and teachers and would move further and further in the direction of school privatization. And almost all of these model bills, nearly 140 of which were introduced across the country in 2013, are designed to pad the profit margins of ALEC's corporate members. Some of their key model legislation options include laws that would...