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June 2010 players strategy guide w art by @cwgabriel #dnd #gencon

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2510 days ago

June 2010 players strategy guide w art by #dnd #gencon


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GideonBodnari 2502 days ago

Y'know, I may have to finally make the move to 4th Ed just so I'll have an excuse to buy this book and have some Gabe-art on my shelves. ;)

notmy2ndopinion 2502 days ago

Penny Arcade + D&D artwork = Awesome to the power of Darkmagic

BobisOnlyBob 2502 days ago

Impressive, never expected to see 's art in something so heavily the domain of "traditional" western fantasy artists.

dkmountain 2502 days ago

I didn't realize an artist getting paid to do his artwork was "selling out"... I don't even play D&D but I sure as hell want to now

Oafman 2503 days ago

The worst thing about seeing something that looks this great, is it just makes me want to buy it and play so much worse! Great stuff!

RGM79Ace 2503 days ago

I don't think I'll be buying a PSG, since it seems to be geared towards less-experienced players . . . but damn, that is some pretty art. Nice work Gabe!

DeejayKnight 2503 days ago

Congrats !

I can't believe people are giving him flack for getting his artwork noticed by a larger audience - and rightfully getting paid for it. Keep up the great work!

chargingstar 2508 days ago

Can't wait to get my hands on one. And yeah, 4th ed is different, but I am loving it regardless. Congrats Gabe and you guys keep up the great work.

JusticePie 2509 days ago

Nothing against the talented but their talent is wasted on WOTC and 4th ed. Keep paying for garbage & that's what you get.

Nekroido 2509 days ago

Congratulations! Your arts are always so dynamic and full of life!

dariqueen 2509 days ago

Yes, what a "sellout"... wanting to get paid for your craft and all. *rolls eyes*
Congrats, Gabe!

OneWildDrunk 2509 days ago

Your art is amazing. Congrats on another excellent piece.

wiseyoungbuck 2509 days ago

You've come so far in such a short time. It seems like only yesterday that you thought DMing was kind of a masochistic ritual. (Sometimes it really is.)

Cleverdan 2509 days ago

It wouldn't make any sense to keep making 3.5 books, considering everything has been done by players already. So yeah, this is awesome.

JusticePie 2509 days ago

Too bad WOTC sold out to 4th ed. Looks like is selling out too.

tr67 2509 days ago

wow, congrats