#Romania  OUT of #EU !! Canine Cruelty In #Craiova !! Leading animal rights campaigners reported that the Mayoress of Craiova, Mrs Lia Olguta Vasilescu has authorised the killing of hundreds of stray dogs in Craiova, Romania. Most social networking outlets have been inundated with pictures of shelter staff cleaning bloodstained floors. Speranta pentru Animale wrote:

"In the last few days taking advantage of the snow that has invaded the kennels ( and that is still not completely cleaned ) Breasta shelter managers made " disappear " dozens of dogs , especially in paddocks 3 and 4. Normally we were present almost daily at feeding program and we participated along with the caretakers ,being able in this way to watch the dogs coming out to eat .But deep snow gave carers the opportunity to motivate the needed to enter and distribute food inside ( they always insisted on not letting us in the kennels ). This began on Saturday ( after the first wave of snow ) on Sunday I left before the food program as a protest against the fact that caregivers sat in the dining room but not a hint of snow had been removed from the kennels (they have a dining room and it seems that they also hired a cook, but they claim they have no money for medicines ).
On Monday I could not get at the feeding program. The method of giving the food inside the paddock continued on Tuesday and Wednesday it was only on Thursday that I started notice the missing dogs, as they removed the snow and the dogs began to emerge .Friday I did check in kennels where last week were 5-6 dogs now are only two while in kennels where there were three only one is left and so on. On paddocks three and four are missing dozens of dogs."


600 dogs was last week brutally beaten to death, last night 50 too!!