Today, February 7th, is Lilly Satou's birthday, one of the main protagonists of Katawa Shoujo.

Blind since birth, Lilly is caring, responsible and friendly - the perfect foil to Hanako, her best friend, whom she shares an almost mother-daughter relationship with, in addition to their free time often being spent drinking tea. In class she is a diligent student, with her sense of confidence serving her well in her role as class representative of class 3-2.

She often speaks in a very well-bred and formal manner, even to those she is close to. She is completely blind in both eyes, however, she never likes being pitied by anyone else in spite of her lack of vision, and as such has grown up strong-willed and independent. She enjoys being seen as someone people can look up to, and acts very motherly to many people around her, be it Hanako, Hisao, or the members of her class.
She is half Scottish (on her mother's side) and half Japanese (on her father's side). As such, she has extended family in Scotland, and was taught English at a very young age

Besides the fact that Lilly is well-liked in her class due to the fact that she is the class representative, Lilly developed a close friendship with Hanako, who could be looked at as a complete opposite of Lilly's personality. Their relationship could be close to a mother-daughter relationship and they complement each other very well with Lilly dealing with Hanako's discomfort around people while Hanako deals with Lilly's lack of vision.