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Naomi Wolf shared a link on Facebook 

"A scary, scary, truly Stalinist effort by NSA spokesmen, including Clapper who has been trying to threaten and intimidate US journalists for some time -- to turn the act of journalism into a crime. This is the baldest, stupidest, most craven and shameless effort they have made yet -- as other efforts to criminalize journalism have failed -- to claim that if you write an article based on leaked evidence, and get paid for it, you are selling stolen goods." 

Please email or tweet your support to the courageous Glenn Greenwald and please send money to the Committee to Protect Journalists - we need them now in the US -- we are all in danger from this. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/04/us-congressman-mike-rogers-glenn-greenwald-thief-snowden-nsa