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As promised... New Scotty GSS Honey Dip finish special Circa!!!

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2673 days ago

As promised... New Scotty GSS Honey Dip finish special Circa!!!


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mogolf57 2672 days ago

Nice lookin putter Hit a couple more fairways and put that putter to GOOD use...Go Gator's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

llewellyn17 2673 days ago


blommes 2673 days ago

sweet putter.. did it come with a custom headcover??

Mizzieconvert 2673 days ago

Sorry Camilo, I don't like it.
I HATE the dancing letters featured on a lot of SC putters, and the paint fill is just childish.

dkronck1959 2673 days ago


BierGear 2673 days ago

Reminiscent of the original Ping B60. Nice puppy.

benjamminking 2673 days ago

daaamn. i want.

MackOnion 2673 days ago

you could putt of frankensteins fat foot with that bad boy. tear it up today!

donnaspongebob 2673 days ago

Hey NIce

brokentwigs8 2673 days ago

camilo; ur a beast. bring home some hardware!

jjs21582 2673 days ago

Very nice!

Kim23Supernova 2673 days ago

Wow! That looks sweet:) hope it's fancy hardware helps you bring home some fancy hardware!!!

RGT32 2673 days ago

That's awesome Camilo! Now I know what I'm going to do with my newport 2, thanks! GO GATORS!

joelbuckley24 2673 days ago

Very nice. I have a custom Circa 62 with Scarlet and Gray. But nonetheless, very cool.

Owensy10 2673 days ago

One sweet looking putter you got there! If I change my name can I have it after you? Lol :-)

Theresa1971 2673 days ago

That putter is so cool.

lorena_suri 2673 days ago

Gator Fun

ClerkinEoghan 2673 days ago

Absolutely amazing camillo, hope you putt the lights out with it!!!

ScottComvalius 2673 days ago

Colorful putter, nice...... But I miss the name Scotty on the putter ;-))

jennamoser23 2673 days ago

Love it! Wish I could have one :-( haha