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Who Cares About Citizenship? Why Good Immigration Reform Benefits You 


While on a retreat from Capitol Hill last week, House Republicans leaked a document that outlines some principles for immigration reform. The document falls far short of a real plan to action. It hasn’t been released formally by House Speaker John Boehner or anyone in the Republican Party; it remains merely a “draft for discussion.” Most troubling, the document focused heavily on enforcement and anti-worker provisions and did not provide aspiring Americans with a real opportunity to ever become citizens.

As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Thursday, the proposal, which looks nothing like the Senate bill, was a “flimsy document that only serves to underscore the callous attitude Republicans have toward our nation’s immigrants....A road map to citizenship is vital to protecting working families’ rights and keeping families together….Half-measures that would create a permanent class of non-citizens without access to green cards should be condemned, not applauded.”...