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2455 days ago


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schofeld 2455 days ago

It _is_ a great T-shirt, though ;)

rwinzenburg 2455 days ago

Oh, Paul. That's just disappointing.

darkenergy666 2455 days ago

It's not just christians that are annoying, any weak-minded believer in organised superstition deserves the contempt of all rational people - and Richard Dawkins is one of the most rational people out there.

pealo86 2455 days ago

No idea who that guy is, but I think it should be Bill Gates on it anyway!

schofeld 2455 days ago

It's unlikely but it's _possible_ that the wearer is, er, pro-Dick!

cjcheshire 2455 days ago

Can't ignore science. The only dick is the person wearing the t-shirt. I'm slowly hating being brought up christian. I'm making my own religion and people who wear this are not invited.

schofeld 2455 days ago

assuming that's not rhetorical/ironic, it's

replete 2455 days ago

Who is this?

schofeld 2455 days ago

Great idea. Funny. Wrong message.

shaun_wilkinson 2455 days ago

Oh! I'm not the only who thinks that. They annoy me too and I'm a Christian.

ianegner 2455 days ago

This is why the majority of christians annoy me