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bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

Mind in gutter, that's all I need to say

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2600 days ago

Mind in gutter, that's all I need to say


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MCRSavesLives 1892 days ago

Oh my god........

chixieme 2054 days ago

oh my god. why is it like... shaped like that...
good lord.

OksanaBurns 2516 days ago

now I don't what to eat cool whip...........

hkittyly 2543 days ago

And "Bahahahahahaha" is all I can say.

tvrs_01001 2546 days ago

coool hwip!

stupidgirl155 2555 days ago

I'm hungry i want one

JEFFS_CREATURE7 2557 days ago

ahhh haaa.......my mind goes else where :P

sandravahn 2557 days ago

hehehee. you shop at target!!!

dreamstomeetmcr 2561 days ago

one word....cool..

lauutrejiim 2570 days ago


allmythoughts22 2577 days ago

happens to the best of us...especially me.

hotMercury 2581 days ago

Hmmm, I agree 'fresh is best', just a little more time consuming... no preparation skills... lol

LookAliveSara 2583 days ago

that stuff is gross

rainydaykid16 2583 days ago

Did you even pay for that?!? XD lmfao

DoctorsBadGirl 2584 days ago

Haha, I thought I was the only one who had bad thoughts when I saw a can of cool whip. I can think of at least 5 places I could put that x]

iluvmikeyjway 2589 days ago

cool whip in a can and regular o my god

XxJenni_1595xX 2590 days ago

COOL WHIP!!!!!!!!

brittneesumthin 2590 days ago

there's some of that in my refrigerator.
who knew cool whip in a can could taste so good?

XDeathB4DiscoX 2591 days ago

0grams transfat..NO WAY...lmao, *Family Guy popping in my head* Cool WHHip..we

Red_Ghost 2592 days ago

It's also bad when you're near the bottom of squirting it and it sprays white glumps everywhere... yeahhhh