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What Words Mean
(And Why They Call Obama A Socialist)

The USSR was State-Capitalist.
Not socialist.

Books enjoy being read.


And yes, the US is approaching State-Capitalism.

China is already there, and our politics are being influenced.

The GOP and the KMT, China's ruling party, are united within the IDU: the International Democrat Union 



So, whenever you vote GOP or Libertarian (US Libertarian), you're voting for State-Capitalism to flourish.

Obama just threw out a bid from China to buy part of our nation in order to cover some of our national debt.

Why not Libertarian? Well, because the US Libertarian party is gearing-up to merge with the GOP - to form the "Republitarian Party". Gary Johnson is a transient member of the GOP; and Ron Paul is currently a member of the GOP, but is a "Lifetime Member" of the US Libertarian Party.

Those two factions will unite to form a far-right party supported by China.