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1954 days ago


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photojoenyc 1950 days ago

With this bogger, I ask for your hand in marriage. Till snots do it's part.

twiztidgirlamy 1950 days ago


brodds 1952 days ago

I had this stuff before, after I had my nose cauterised. It went on for a few months and it felt like bits of brain, although i'm sure its just wierd nasal scab

hadleywatson 1952 days ago

Some people charge good money for those.

BushyOne 1953 days ago

Pretty sick

tylerlawhorn 1953 days ago

dude can i eat it, u can video tape it, like your old fear factor days , slip me a 20 if you think i eat it fast enough

allstatesigns 1953 days ago

Give that too dose 2 girls from 2 girls & a Cup, they'll enjoy it.. Nasty as shit or should i say

switch360 1953 days ago

Dude that's some nasty shit maybe its part of your brain what knif of surgery did you have

2fathomz 1953 days ago

u could prolly slang that as some lung hash butter ;]

vaguslives 1953 days ago

I bet you can breath like a CHAMP now!

vaguslives 1953 days ago

I bet you can breath like a CHAMP now!

jacetaylor 1953 days ago


big_brown91 1953 days ago

look at all the

txchris67 1953 days ago

nice...but are you smarter or dumber now that you blew all that brain matter out?

chaosllama 1953 days ago

Looks like me after I had my AFS sinus surgery. Good luck, that shit is nasty

Shane__Kelly 1954 days ago

That's some fucked up booger action going on son

Wolfzone 1954 days ago

If you eat it, you think you would get high?

dannyfinlayson 1954 days ago


FockitMilk 1954 days ago

Could you possibly send me one of those so I can freak out my wife?? My boogers don't scare her anymore. :(

johnsdavis 1954 days ago

way to vote prochoice Joe... LOL