Horror in #Harsova - Constanta County #Romania It is not a secret anymore, it is in the Romanian media, published by Digi24 Constanta crew who WITNESS this despicable situatioan. The translation of the article is here, and bellow there are emails where complaints should be sent...What the local authorities do, or accept to be done in their town is ILLEGAL...They BREAK the LAw 9/2008 for the Protection of Animals, and also the NEW law for the management of stray dogs 258/2013 and its norms...
Article in the media after they have been THERE on January 14,2014
"DOGS THROWN at the Garbage dump ( landfill ) .. the animals are captured and abandoned in crates...( January 14, 2014 ) 
The 4 legged from Harsova became th mockery of authorities. Locked by the tens in small cages, the dogs are abandoned at the town's landfill and left to their own fate. The town hall's representatives said that they are not implicated in this, but the citizens accuse the local administration that those from the service of dogs management tortures the animals. We warn you that the video contains images with strong emotional impact 
In a 1sm ( 4sf squarefeet ) , dumped at the landfill, there are, crowded, over 20 dogs. They can barely breath, they lost all energy even to cry out their pain.
The same fate have tens of dogs, every day - say the locals - after they are being caught and dumped there.

Marius Ţuţuianu,animal lover : " This is terror for the dogs in Harsova. The Town Hall collects the dogs without any right. We can not find the dogs anaymore, they lie to us saying that they take them to the shelter in town , but they are not in the shelter, they kill the dogs. I saw with my own eyes, 40 dogs in a 1 sm cage.This is unacceptable. "
The Mayor swears that : the dogs have not been taken to the landfill
The Mayor sustains that these are fainventions and that those from the service of dogs management are not implicated in such actions.

Tudor Nădrag,Mayor of Harsova : " It is not true, because in time there have been similar allegations, but they have not been confirmed. I have the courage to swear that in 5 years since I am Mayor, I have the courage to swear , I repeat that NO dog has been killed in this town.| 
He also says that all the dogs picked up from the streets are taken to a shelter with which the Town Hall has a contract. In reality those dogs to not arrive there. Even the representative of the firm which takes care of the animals accuse the Mayor of lying.
The dogs are not being taken to the shelter. They are killed. Even today, as you could see, they are caught and crowded in a metal cage ...they never brought the dogs to us. " Said Andreea Pipera, representative of the animals shelter.
Until the Protection of Animals does not take action, the situation of stray dogs in Harsova, remains uncertain.