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From my garden. The first cucumber I've grown!

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2536 days ago

From my garden. The first cucumber I've grown!


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A5J4DX 2535 days ago

a fine cucumber it is!

staceystorey 2535 days ago

Is that a cucumber in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? The obvious but it had to be said.

charstarlene 2535 days ago

that's what she said.

CynNg 2536 days ago

omg yay!!! that's so exciting!

theMichaelTrinh 2536 days ago

Isn't it weird how it has spikes on it? Weirded me out when my fam was growing them... like evil versions of the ones you get at the grocery store...

stevejbeck 2536 days ago

Awww bless. Not bad for a first try :) x

Nicoviolet 2536 days ago

I wish I could have a garden, but the woodland animals would eat the food.

SirWilly77 2536 days ago

You must've been pickled tink to have grown such a specimen...

ebrown2112 2536 days ago

Cool (no pun intended)

TristessaBlue 2536 days ago

that is so awesome! we grew cucumbers for the first time this summer too! we actually didn't see one in there so it grew freakishly huge and looked like an anorexic watermelon lol

waqaychay 2536 days ago

and what a fine cucumber it is!