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Just got a gift bag.. Is this the most ghetto bag EVER!

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2455 days ago

Just got a gift bag.. Is this the most ghetto bag EVER!


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searight 2449 days ago

Looks like you go on a date a arbys take the tabasco and wear the cologne. Afterwards go to the house drink the henn. And pop some altoids and the cheez-its are hella random

JiggaC24 2452 days ago

i'm mad they felt the need to double up on the altoids like they expect your breath to be hella stank!!!!

sccreuncensored 2454 days ago

Eat @ Arby's & put Tabasco on ur food, drink Hennessy 2wash it down, pop Altoids after & snack on CheezIt if U get hungry later

headlessmunky 2454 days ago

they couldn't afford to put in a couple of packs of purple kool-aid?

lopcheung 2455 days ago

Cheez it's w/ tabasco and henny.. take some altoids to mask the henny breathe.. put on some diesel cologne, and then take your date to Arby's afterwards.

kennyschang 2455 days ago

Only gift bag more ghetto was for "I Know Black People" winner.

Chrisbanks21 2455 days ago

You call that a gift bag? WTF?!

bigb_78 2455 days ago

yea good luck with that!!

luvlyleo21 2455 days ago

It is definately ghetto, lol. But I will take the Hennessey though!

CeeBoski 2455 days ago

That's past ghetto, that's a NIGGA bag! Hennessy, hot sauce, and Cheez-It's?! C'mon dawg!

bobwetsel 2455 days ago

loll pretty random

_MR900_ 2455 days ago

Is that an arbys giftcard??

tnsweep 2455 days ago

very ghetto, but not the most. Replace the cheez-its with flamin' hot cheetos...then u have the most ghetto bag EVER!

DREAM305 2455 days ago


PapaTheTruth 2455 days ago

lol! i'll take it!