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Media Coverage Or No, The Winds of Climate Change Are Upon Us 


Global warming is "likely" to cause more frequent severe storms, "very likely" to trigger heavy precipitation events and "very likely" to produce extreme high sea levels, according to new projections from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) whose latest report in September signaled nothing short of a climatic crisis – including increased and intensifying droughts and heat waves as the earth warms.

“A climate crisis is urgent, imminent and here,” Dr. Tero Mustonen told Occupy.com in August. Mustonen is an Arctic researcher with Snowchange, an NGO assessing the Arctic’s ecosystems in partnership with indigenous people. He calls the Arctic the "canary of the world" due to its fragility and the stark visibility of climate changes already upon us; this 2012 photo reveals the smallest ice-cap coverage ever measured by a satellite...