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ITF slams 'joke justice' as Korea union leaders make dignified surrender to police 


As 13 Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) trade union leaders charged with having led what was a legitimate and lawful industrial action made a dignified surrender to police today, the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) blasted the political vendetta behind their arrest. Their placing themselves in the hands of police today was delayed by violent police intervention at the headquarters of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU).

Speaking at a press conference at the KCTU building this morning, Myoung hwan Kim, president of the ITF-affiliated KRWU, said: “The rail strike last year was a completely legitimate and legal struggle. The past precedents of denouncing workers’ legitimate strikes as illegal, repressing them and enacting disciplinary measures must not be repeated. This will be proven in court in due course.” (The entire statement appears below)...

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