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2051 days ago


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ladychanta 2046 days ago

So I guess the cake wasn't a lie.

KittiesOnAcid 2047 days ago

ThinkGeek + Charm City Cakes = teh amesomeness. So does this mean you guys will be on a future episode of AoC? :)

klinqueen 2050 days ago

Duff & Co. + Think Geek = teh awesomeness!!!

lizzybean76 2050 days ago

OMG, it's great! Perfect work, as always, AoC. I love the Melinium Falcon and the brain. :D

BrokenButStrong 2050 days ago

Very nice.

z0mbi3girl 2050 days ago

Oh I see it's a monkey. Nevermind.

z0mbi3girl 2050 days ago

Is... is that a Playmobil man on top?

PLATEMATE 2050 days ago

OMG, it fricking lights up! That's awesome. That is why he is the ACE.

caradeedavis 2050 days ago

Duff and co. are amazing.

ThePinkCherry 2050 days ago

That's awesome!

bocabuddha44 2050 days ago

NICE and congrats to you guys

FairMommy 2051 days ago

Just one more reason to love Charm City Cakes! Me want one!

thngwhtsqks 2051 days ago


Naterkix 2051 days ago

Holy crap! That's an awesome cake! What did you have to use to cut that thing?

ChimbleySweets 2051 days ago

awesome cake!! the reflection in the picture frame is a little creepy though :)

kassia1213 2051 days ago

Teh awesomeness! Love teh brainz!

Xavienne 2051 days ago

Perfect cake! Congrats on ten & wishing you many many more!

turians 2051 days ago

that cake is seriously love!

seret 2051 days ago

Zombie layer!

hosehead78 2051 days ago

Ah Sweet Cake!