Tourists should BOYCOTT #Bali #Indonesia for all time!! Many people ask what BAWA can do to minimise long-established cruelty to animals in Bali. It’s a difficult task when some authorities do so little about inhumane animal markets full of diseased, mistreated and illegally imported animals crowded together in terrible conditions.

There’s the widespread custom of throwing away unwanted puppies and kittens. There’s the shocking dog meat trade. There are blood sports and Bali’s tragic Puppy Mills. There are people who treat their domestic animals and livestock inhumanely because they have never been taught what is proper.

BAWA yesterday launched its campaign to socialise Indonesia’s animal welfare laws to law students, police, parliamentarians and media in Denpasar. Our key message: There are laws to protect animals and there are penalties for offenders. Unfortunately, many laws have never been used.

Next, BAWA will work with Indonesian lawmakers to update animal welfare laws and their penalties.

BAWA gives a very big thank you to Escape Haven Retreats founder Janine Hall for her wonderful support of this important long-term program. If you’d like to help us, please write to or please go to

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