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Plz tell me what kinda dog My brother got cuz idk

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2628 days ago

Plz tell me what kinda dog My brother got cuz idk


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MarvinAdu 2523 days ago

scooby doo!

whynotme27 2628 days ago

hey nice to know he save a dog. every1 needs luv

whynotme27 2628 days ago

if your bro needs some1to tell him what kinda dog he has,it's def a mut. sorrry

Cbrunty 2628 days ago

Looks like a mix of some sort

dfleezy 2628 days ago

That there is a Dingo bro tell your brother not to bring that to a dog park it will eat a terrier or something

ARYSE3 2628 days ago

Def a shepard/pitbull terrier. Good solid pup.

RARROYO923 2628 days ago

That's a sooner. The sooner u get rid of it the better....

c_will_4real 2628 days ago

Looks half pit, dont know what the other half is, maybe a boxer...definitely a Summa dog (summa dis, summa dat)

followchante 2628 days ago

Dude! Your bro found Scooby Doo!

THE_REAL_QUINN 2628 days ago

its a mut

benbarad 2628 days ago

Dude that looks EXACTLY like my dog. He is a mix of a boxer and a rhodesian ridgeback. Does he get a ridge on his back when he gets flustered? My dog's ridge isn't there all the time, only when he freaks out for like the mailman.

alexmathis 2628 days ago

thats a mut bra. he gots to do better lol

chill_mode_813 2628 days ago

look like a shit eater to me lol jp i really dont know

Brittney_1908 2628 days ago

Looks like a mix between a pitbull and a boxer...

eschwad 2628 days ago

Rhodesian Ridgeback

MinneMike 2628 days ago

Wonder Dog!!!!?!!!

MinneMike 2628 days ago

simple: a brown dog wit big ears and some white patches..looks dane 2 me.

fiestyliz32 2628 days ago

It's a mix breed

ericktul 2628 days ago

Looks part pit bull. Not sure about the big ears though.

Raven_Elle 2628 days ago

It's a MUT...u know that dog is a mix of breeds!