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Together to restore the Free Syrian Army basic to correct the path of the revolution. 



A statement issued by Colonel Riad Al-Assaad commanding general of the Free Syrian Army units across the Army Special War Information .
In the name of God the Merciful
Global Mapper warned him
Brothers Syrian citizens Liberals :
The Syrian Revolution remained in check ranged reactions and guiding ships from abroad will not only get to defeat and Salanna history, our people and our nation as well.
Since many months and we warn of the consequences of what is happening , and control political money -oriented agendas in us .. and " no life of those who advocate " .. The problem is that there is a state of neglect and beating the wall of each achievements of the revolution and the Free Syrian Army , but this was associated and vigorous attempts to bring the leaders of which have nothing to do with the fighting or the Free Syrian army and the replacement of other not on the basis of merit or seniority revolutionary combat but on the basis of loyalty and subordination , and upon payment of prices remember the free army and carry him everything.
We get us and we carry and will carry the responsibility of our people and the victory of the Syrian revolution to the authoritarian regime client and build a society of justice and equality within the limits of the Syrian Arab Republic .. does not take responsibility for conflicts exotic revolution nor their agendas , it was the owner of its decision to carry it, we were surrounded politically and financially for our position that self-control entry sectarianisation conflicts and fragmentation and money and filleting tab and I personally faced several assassination attempts for the rejection of these agendas and paid I and other leaders of the Free Syrian Army price of this attitude of our blood and our lives and our peace and security and still .
While the shine in secret alternative Astjlapt leaders of the revolution and invested our blood and our sacrifices and the sacrifices of the Syrian people to sit on the throne of our blood and money of recruitment industry outside . What is happening now is basically a global scheme not only serves the enemy trench system and an attempt to discredit the revolution and to discourage jamming track and crafts .. but Far, far ..
Syria and lived and lived the Free Syrian Army
Glory and immortality to the martyrs of the righteous .. freedom for the prisoners and recovery for the wounded
Greeting pride and Pottery Bhraúr Sham
It is a revolution until victory
Colonel Riad Al-Assaad
Adjutant General of the General Command of the Free Syrian Army
Media Unit in War of the Free Syrian Army
The fifth of March 1435 , corresponding to the sixth of January 2014