STOP this HOLOCAUST in #Romania and HITLER Bălan Ovidiu Laurenţiu from Orastie!! A week we are here in Romania, trying to help the poor dogs in the shelter of Orastie. Since 2 months my wife Elena, fights with local authorities to change things. The only result was that dogs finally not hungry any more (thanks to the MUKITZA association for sending food). But we are facing a wall, with people who refuse and are blocking any collaboration.

Yesterday we had an appointment with the chief veterinarian for 9 shelters of the department. The scandalous videos I posted make him moving on a Sunday morning. We thought we had some hope after this appointment because he said that changes would be made, and that he allows some dogs to leave the shelter.

Today, as we wanted to start evacuations, things has changed.

Only sterilized dogs can get out of the shelter. It is the law they say ! The most absurd part is that the refuge has no permission to operate. Everything seems completely illegal! No standard of hygiene, organization and operation are respected. This shelter could be closed because it has no right to exist. It is only here by the will of the Regional Council of Hunedoara.

The chief veterinarian for the shelters does not allow leave non- sterilized dogs from the shelter. He said that it’s what his superior say, to respect the law. It is impossible to sterilize in the shelter, there are no conditions of hygiene, no clinic , no water, no electricity, no veterinarian. Should we sterilize dogs in the middle of the urine and feces by -5 ° C?
In addition, the authorities refuse that veterinarians outside the shelter sterilize dogs. With association MUKITZA we can send dogs in Bucharest, in a pension, to be sterilized, vaccinated and prepared for their trip to another country. But the authorities refuse to let them out unsterilized ! This is the law !!!!

Meanwhile, the dogs are mistreated, in conditions of torture and cold.

Here, no vet wants to make a diagnosis and tell which dogs are the lowest, which dogs are sick and what they suffer. In addition, all the vets of the shelter are now on vacation. When dogs have diarrhea with blood, we answer " this is normal because you bring another brand of food ! » Huge aberrations.

Everyone thinks only about holidays, New Year’s party. No thought for those dogs that are considered "simply crap ». It's a race against the clock as the dogs die after each other.

An unofficial source told us that nobody moves because all dogs will be killed, massacred. " Why spending money, why putting actions in place for dogs that will be euthanized." All these shelters are just fake, they exist to show to other European countries that Romania wants to manage the problem. Everything is fake and is the largest animal genocide !

See the KZ in Orastie!!

Here is the FB acc. from Hitler Bălan Ovidiu Laurenţiu, the mass killer, who is responsible for this massacre!!