Happy 18th Birthday Fhobs! You’re not a neneng anymore! You’re a fully grown gorgeous swaggy chillin allien na friend!  Hahaha Now that you’ve stepped the age of 18 or so called the “legal age”. I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Knowing you for a couple of years, years that are enough to make me feel like I’ve known you since like forever. Made me realize that I’m such a lucky human being because I’ve met a true and loyal friend, stay crazy, funny, wacky, true, swaggin, chillin etc. Thankyou for everything friend. Take care always and wish you all the best! May godbless you all the time. Pakomusta muku kreng pari mung allien okay? Hahaha. Advance happy newyear!!! Iloveyou to the mercury and pluto. Mwaah :* Have a blast @Ambielivable