BOYCOTT #Greek !! Scandal in Xanthi!! 11 dogs in the shelter of Xanthi to be killed on Monday, 30/12/2013.
A self-appointed committee of five people, a gardener, a member of the municipality of Xanthi, a member of the ASPCA Xanthi, the vet Tanja Koutelidou ( she hates animals) and a member of the hunting club in Xanthi, decided two days ago, the 11 Dogs that are supposed to be aggressive and ill reputed to be euthanized. This is an acute violation of the Greek Animal Welfare Act § 4039 /12. It is forbidden that a dog may be euthanized if it has not been proven repeatedly bitten a man without cause or he is sick to leishmaniasis.
The proof must be provided by the display at the Poizei, documentation in picture and report of a hospital.
We immediately tried today to help these dogs. The publication of the dogs was denied us. Also do not want to hand over the documents adopted by the killing we are told. Please make the scandal online!! 

See pictures: