Thank you for waking Me to a New Day! Today is CHRISTMAS many  opening of gifts and Celebrating with Families and Friends. But this Holiday I wish could be that way for Everyone. Unfortunately, there will be people Today that feel Today is just another day to face More Struggles. There will be People Today that want to give Up, because they feel they have nothing to be Happy about during this Holiday for that's when the Sad memories of Everything that made them Happy are gone. To those that are Crying instead of Smiling this Holiday Please know YOU are Not ALONE. There are so many going through Trying Times and WE must not Give in to Defeat, but Believe this the time to be your Most Strongest, Fearless and Most Faithful. This is a Test From GOD for You when You at at your Downest is when You Rise to become the Best. This is the Moment to Believe in YOU and all that You Stand For, All that You Dream, All that You Wish For, All that You Want to Be...Is There Inside You...Be Angry Enough to Explode to Let YOU Shake off the Negativity, the Downers and Get Up Start LIFE Today NEW and LIVE! Yesterday is Gone But Today you Have...Don't Waste Another Minute of Your Blessed LIFE...GOD I so Appreciate You!!!

Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!