Many years ago Jake and I started a tradition- on Christmas eve we would go to the VAand deliver cards and candy canes to as many people as we could before we ran out. At that time it was just what I had time to sign. Over the years our tradition has grown. We got help from others who would sign cards and once I started working with those experiencing homelessless we would stop by the Hope Center and bring Christmas cards and donated hand warmers. That evolved to cards and candy canes for everyone at the overflow shelter. Last year every man at the overflow got a Christmas card and McDonalds gift card and every single person staying at the VAMC got a card and candy cane. This year is the biggest year so far. 3 of my guys who have a roof over their head will get homemade turkey soup- veterans will get their cards and for the first time ever all the men at both the overflow and salvation army will be getting a gift for Christmas. As you can see the support I have gotten for this has been overwhelming. Thank you ALL who have helped me along the way. If it weren't for you this never would have become what it is today. So thank you again. Tonight Jake and I will once again be delivering these gifts to those who are often forgotten and don't get a gift. Josh will be joining us in our tradition too. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces. Merry Christmas