Dane Cook


When I tweet, I tweet to kill.

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2627 days ago


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MamaRedStar 2275 days ago

love this pic!

bowchickebowbow 2329 days ago

SO SO JEALOUS. Love me some Kidd. Nice ring Dane.

jimmydepaul 2330 days ago

that is livin like a big dog right there.

ChristyDreams 2448 days ago

Hilarious how each is holding up a different combination of fingers... ^_^

prezzlie 2449 days ago

WoW!...Cook,Piven,Rock what a TALENTED trio! admire them all!

StarletteTwig 2504 days ago


hairstylinmom09 2504 days ago

WOW! to save myself the embarrassment of looking like a young 15 yr old horn dog you look cool!

pinupgrl1 2512 days ago

Are you wearing a Frank Sinatra hat??!! OMG...my heart just skipped a beat...

pinupgrl1 2514 days ago

Jeremy, you almost got it..need more flexibility

pinupgrl1 2514 days ago

Jeremy, you almost got it..a little more..need a little more flexibility

ShelbeeD 2530 days ago

I love your ring!

socialite777 2535 days ago

You're so BAMF Dane! with your bling bling and your cool hat and the BAMF company you keep!

joanneb2713 2581 days ago

how are my three favorite people in this world toghether and im not there not fare dane not fare!!!!!

Jello404 2582 days ago

I agree with . This trio worries me..I dont think u 3 should be allowed in the same zip code with each other, let alone the same room lol Love u guys tho...seperately!

sumrgal8 2582 days ago

Love it!!You're pretty sexy I must say....

DJF510 2582 days ago


josephgelb 2602 days ago

Very funny use of fingers :*J

candygirl61994 2614 days ago

haha..Right Back at cha..Jk..

WriteForJustice 2620 days ago

Dane oh Dane where are you?? Damm... God was in a good mood when he made you;)

Meancarlene 2623 days ago

...where's Karen?