Sam Putney "Da Club" is the First . I call him the Birdman, Jay Z, P-Diddy of Texas and Click on the link below to See I'm not BS-ing about his Level of Greatness Sam has been a Radio and News personality for over 30 years and has retired, Because he can...I Appreciate this Man who is now my Brother. He is a Radio Legend.

#CaptainJack known for being a Legendary Club and events Promoter in Houston along with Big Steve. Captain Jack help build a lot of the careers for a lot of artists and rappers that became well known from Houston. He took me to the studio when the Geto Boyz was recording their first CD. "Don't Do It Like That Baby!!!!" was a Captain Jack favorite you would hear for the end tag of his commercials and all of Houston would say it.

#ErnieSingleton was the major exec for MCA Records and AD Washington was his Southwest Regional exec and they both taught me the Record Company game from the signing of artists to the promotions and tours. Man I got to go to a lot of free concerts too backstage...

The late #RickRoberts of KYOK Radio was a Radio Legend and an Awesome teacher of Radio in every aspect. He taught me not only how to be a great radio announcer, but music director, host, community leader. He had a great heart and a wonderful spirit<<<My Uncle Rick!

#ShowbizMoseley my Brother from Another. Showbiz has been a radio announcer for over 20 years and have worked at some of the most known radio stations throughout the country. He taught me Radio editing and production. He also helped me to build an alter ego to combat my shyness. Then she was known as "The Flight Captain".

#ForwardTimes is the newspaper my grandparents worked for and helped become a news force in the community. I worked there you might as well say since I hung out there everyday after school. There I learned photography, putting a newspaper together, even proofreading all the articles. I use to draw and would draw cartoons for the newspaper on special occasions. I remember my first check for my work. $20!!! To me that was like heaven. Thank You now an Angel, late publisher Lenora Carter.

#Ktsu Radio for giving me my start. The Flight Captain began on the airwaves. Yes, I became popular, but so ever humble. KTSU taught me what radio was about.

Great people taught me the ropes of the entertainment game and all the hustles back then and I am grateful to have those lessons and many more from others to fall back on today. These younger lessons helped me tremendously and the lessons continued with many other greats that became friends.

Thank you:

Gi Jackson of the legendary Group #Htown even today he gives me Encouragement, advice and support in everything I do and protects me from the bad seeds that try to plant themselves in the entertainment garden of Houston.

#Erock Fifthwardboy of The Fifth Ward Boyz, #Fiya MediaMogul, #JoséGorbea, #DjAk-47 who are now Major Ground Breakers for a lot of today Underground Artists and Rappers here in Houston.

I must thank my Los Angeles Family:

GFTA #GwynFoxx Talent Agency Gwyn Foxx the greatest Agent and Business Manager there is and I happen to know her well...

Rapper #YoYo - I met her right when she came into the game at 18. Yeah Yo Yo has taught me a lot and you are never too old or young to learn.

102.3 Radio-Free #KJLH where I learned Major Radio from awesome people..Mike Mann, Lon McQ, Aundrae Russell, Cliff Winston...

#StevieWonder friendship came from KJLH that's where it started. This man has taught me so much I don't know where to start. Not just in the industry. It is because of Stevie I stopped for a moment in my Life later to truly Meet and Understand GOD, Faith and Spirit. A little secret Stevie gets upset if he loses in Air Hockey...#TrueStory

There are so many more, but these people I've mentioned are more than Mentors, they are My Friends, They are My Family...They are Who are part of my Growth in this Industry and I THANK THEM FROM My HEART and SOUL for being REAL and GENUINE with Me all the way...


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