One of the more interesting aspects of the early history of #Godzilla's is an American production company (in 1957) was going to add a bunch of new footage to the 1955 "Godzilla Raids Again" and make a totally different movie out of it, titled "The Volcano Monsters."

Supposedly at the request of the US production company, who wanted Godzilla to just be a tyrannosaurus in their changed version, the new suit was made with only three toes on each foot and no ears. This new style G-suit and a new Anguirus suit were shipped to Hollywood in 1957, but during that time the US production company lost funding and went out of business. 

Warner Brothers ended up buying the rights to "Godzilla Raids Again" and simply released it (mostly) uncut in 1959 as "Gigantis the Fire Monster."

The final fate of the 1957 "Volcano Monsters"/Godzilla and Anguirus suits is unknown to this day. There's no way they could have survived this long, but whether they were stolen, sold off for funds or just destroyed is a mystery.

Very few photos of the 1957 suits exist, but the best one, shown above, has a Godzilla that features the basic head shape and upper body of the 1955 Godzilla, but with the big legs that resemble the design of the later 1962 Godzilla from King Kong vs Godzilla, which also had only three toes on each foot and no ears. 

This design would carry on until the end of the Showa-era of Godzilla movies in 1975.