• 1. When a M&G show us his ass
• 2. When he fell on stage with a teddy bear and took the unconscious
• 3. When a fan climbed over the piano in the Believe part and ended on the floor
• 4. When in the first concert Avalanna was the OLLG 
• 5. When each concert put up posters
• 6. When the dates of Latin America came out
• 7. When Pattie was OLLG in closing the 1st stage of the BT
• 8. When he won the prize that only seven artist have won, the ''Diamond Award''
• 9. When Justin came out in his pajamas in a M&G's
• 10. On November 19, the fireworks didn't explode and was on fire
• 11. Rose to a girl on stage while singing "Baby"
• 12. When Justin was singing "Out Of Town Girl" and vomit in the half of the song on stage in Arizona
• 13. When the Beliebers throwing things on stage and he picking a bra and say "Bras are okay"
• 14. When Justin came out wearing a black coat as death in Dublin and nobody understand what was happened
• 15. When Justin used to take Pac everywhere
• 16. When Justin took selfies with a fan's phone
• 17. When the countdown hit 00:00:00
• 18. When the OLLG had a 1D bracelet on and he pulled it off and put her hand on his heart ( that was so cute :) )
• 19. When Beliebers started singing "Be Alright" before Justin did. lol
• 20. When in Rio De Janeiro a BBoy came onstage and Justin thought he was a dancer
• 21. When happened this with the OLLG in Dortmund:
JB: What's your name?
OLLG: Verena
JB: Vagina?
Everybody: *laughs*
OLLG: Verena
JB: Okay, Lorena
• 22. When Justin stood on stage for 10 minutes and his eyes teared up ( OMG! )
• 23. When he wore put up a bra
• 24. When Justin would grab with the camera and show himself to everyone in the crowd on the big screen
• 25. When he couldn't hear himself because we were screaming to much
• 26. When Jazzy and Jaxon come out the stage in Cordoba
• 27. His drum solo
• 28. In Chile when OLLG was waving his hand, Justin stop her and says "Lend attention to me" ( LMAO that was funny )
And more memories :)

The #BelieveTour started on 09/29/12 and ends 12/08/13, i can't believe that #BelieveTour ends... this is so sad and difficult for us but things always come to an end, right?. But hey is there will be more Tours, new music, new follies and maybe another movie
I never went to any of his concerts but i swear to god the next's Tours i don't lose it for nothing :D

#Believe ❤