brandonwinz: For the past 19 months I’ve been on the road singing background for @JustinBieber. The Believe Tour, which officially began a little more than 14 months ago, is finally coming to an end. We have one more show to perform and then we’re done. I must say the culmination of this tour is a bitter/sweet situation for me. Sweet because I’m all too excited about the awesomeness that is waiting in this NEW chapter of life for me. I’m also excited about reintroducing myself to my family and friends again. LOL. However, it’s bitter because I will definitely miss the beautiful people that I’ve met on this tour as some of them I consider to be my family. We’ve pretty much explored the world together for almost 2 years so this is definitely going to be a major adjustment for me to be away from the ones I call my family. I don’t do very well with Goodbyes so pray for me, okay? Lol. Some of my tour mates have poured so much into me and allowed me to do the same. I will always cherish that. In addition to that, The Believe Tour itself has taught me quite a bit about myself and I am forever grateful for all of those lessons. I learned a lot about My Creator, Love, Forgiveness, Strength, Power, Favor and Manisfestation. Those are the Top 7 things that come to mind when I think about what this tour has taught me. I can’t even begin to tell you how my life has been made richer because of this experience. This note is already ENTIRELY too long, so I will not go into further detail. I will save the rest for my book that will be released in the future. However, before i go, I must say….I know why I was supposed to be a part of Justin Bieber’s “BELIEVE” Tour. It is so befitting that this tour would have THIS NAME because this entire experience has taught me what it really means to BELIEVE. I’ve got it…and I’ve passed this course with flying colors. I am grateful and extremely honored to have been a part of this INCREDIBLY AMAZING experience….and Though I’ve heard it sung for many years, these lyrics take on a whole new meaning for me in my life now: “All things are possible if you Only BELIEVE!”