Remember the Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Package? #horror #freddy #scary #ads

“You know my face… you know my name. Now get my tape and buy my game! You’ll want the mask… you’ll need the glove. The poster and book are what you’ll love! So get all this for one low price. Four easy payments… it sure sounds nice. Look for the number you can call… ‘cause if you don’t, I’ll get you all!”

Company Monarch Avalon, Inc. offered fans the opportunity to send away for the “dream package” of Nightmare on Elm Street merchandise in this short-lived promotion. The $98 Dream Package included “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on VHS, the NOES board game, Freddy Krueger poster, mask, fedora, glove, and “The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion” resource book.