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Shopping for school supplies. Bout 2 pull my hair out.

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2543 days ago

Shopping for school supplies. Bout 2 pull my hair out.


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iambreebree 2529 days ago

haha very cute!!!

zig2obrian2 2539 days ago

Please don't pull your hair out. I like your hair. Haha. And I agree with the guy a couple comments down. I'm glad you like Pink Floyd. =D

naenae1967 2540 days ago

I think you two are in the wrong isle. Don't see #2 pencil or paper! Taking my kids next week...yuckie poo

naitveghost828 2540 days ago

i knwhow that fells

janetmclark 2542 days ago

cool pic! i remeber those days when i had two daughters wanting the same clothes! that they want and they fight over the same clothes fun fun!

TanyaTFan 2542 days ago

School Shopping(always a fun time)HA! Cool photo.

lightin37110 2542 days ago

i am so glad you like pink floyd gilmour is great by his self too

LaurenJoy11 2542 days ago

lol, y'all are so funny :)

jessypicklerfan 2542 days ago

hahaha love ur facee ur soo funny

shellpear07 2542 days ago

Eric is SO lucky to have such a great sister like you, Kellie! =)

danielt235 2542 days ago

Teacher is the best job! I hope you like the school.

shayliebrown 2542 days ago

hahahaha i bet! You're seriously the best big sister ever Kellie.

Heath1991 2543 days ago

Absolutely not my favorite thing to do "Ever"!!

BrandonGray13 2543 days ago

I cant wait until u come to the NC state fair and the concert in charlotte 9/5 I lovee u

cowboyGor 2543 days ago

Awww! I'm sure Eric appreciates all you do...maybe!! lol

TaylorHood 2543 days ago

i have those exact sunglasses! ...i cant wait until you come to the NC state fair! woot-woot! bring taylorrr! :)

kathy_salisbury 2543 days ago

Are TOYS on your "Needed School Supplies" List, Eric? lol

im1ofakind95 2543 days ago

i HATE school shopping grr it makes me want to go insane beacuse it means i have to go back to school

crissy_83 2543 days ago

You're such a great big sister!

MontanaFry 2543 days ago

Seems she's dragging him OUT of the toy section; which is why she wants to pull her hair out! Good Luck Kellie!