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@alisonbyway here I am on the balcony at Disney! Enjoy, ladies !

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2719 days ago

here I am on the balcony at Disney! Enjoy, ladies !


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xplorgrl 2637 days ago

ew *pukes*

love_violently 2638 days ago

OMG! *steals*

alisonxxxalison 2647 days ago

oh my gosh, i actually love you
this pic is sooo sweet!!! i wanna be on your show some day!! =P

VonsterVon 2673 days ago

I know it smells really really bad but it makes you look quite appealing!

huggy79 2696 days ago

OMG. Terrrrrorrs!!!

GOLDANNE 2701 days ago

lol thought u were doing a clinton!!!!!

G_R_I_N_N_E_R 2706 days ago

that is the worst Wolverine impression I've ever seen

Braxs 2708 days ago

I don't know, there's something quite appealing about a certain aged gent with a cigar...

KateLilley 2709 days ago

Hmmm! Sure that can't be right! XX

spazburger 2715 days ago look like you have a dog turd hanging out of your mouth!

Hanousek 2716 days ago

i'll admit, when i first saw this pic...i thought it was arnold. lol

KChavda 2716 days ago

Hottest pic of you, ever! But I'll echo everybody else, "throw away that cigar!"

LastBritishWolf 2716 days ago

Hey Joe Carnahan, I think we found our new Col. John "Hannibal" Smith! "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Winstonita 2716 days ago

i envy you at Disney; my favourite place; but STOP SMOKING!!! :)

Moonrust 2716 days ago

If you had a shirt on, you might pass for a gangsta masterminding deals in his amazing crib!

pinktank1 2716 days ago

Oi you, I dont ever want to see one of those, things in your mouth ever again, PRAT, you can get cancer of the mouth from them GERRR

SelkieMB 2716 days ago

woot woot!

Lorrcamp 2716 days ago


UKDeb 2718 days ago

Aren't Cohibas Cuban? :-O

UKDeb 2718 days ago

Aren't Cohiba's Cuban? :-O