Bloody day in #Sarajevo !! I have no words to describe the pain I’m feeling. The pictures say more than I can now say, cat left on the street to die in agony and poor puppy only a month and a half old also left to die, to suffer.. We took them both to the vet on call. The cat received hard hit in the head, her eyes fell out and besides all this pain she still purrs (((((((( can you imagine, we went with the intention to cut her of her misery and to put her to sleep, but the vet said that all she needs is eye surgery. She received a hard hit in the head but both cavity are saved, she has nothing else broken. We have to make x-ray on Monday to confirm this and then she will have eye surgery. Even in this condition she is full of life, as soon as I lay my hand on her, she starts to purr and I have no words to describe what am I feeling.. What happened to her no one knows, maybe a car, maybe some asshole of a human hit her… We don’t know and we never will.. one thing is for sure, she want to live… And the puppy needs leg amputation which is already stinking so much that it cannot be saved..To donate use Paypal: mark the donations to INJURED PUPPY or INJURED CAT!