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TK tries on John Daly's pants. What do you think?

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2513 days ago

TK tries on John Daly's pants. What do you think?


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matsuifan13 2501 days ago

Tony is just reliving the fashions of his childhood. JK Tony ur awesome

johnnyhopper05 2503 days ago

perfect fit-kornheiser should be in the model business

johnnyhopper05 2503 days ago


perfectalvaro 2505 days ago

is this brad childress?

hotdogwheel 2505 days ago

TK: Jewish fashion icon

MeesterFonnyboy 2505 days ago

DON'T TUCK IN THE SHIRT! Didn't Wilbon's experience with athletic wear teach you ANYTHING?

madeira_blue 2507 days ago

Shouldn't those pants be a little looser if they are JD's pants? Either's a good look for ya TK.

sloth48 2507 days ago


dabul3169 2508 days ago

ahhaha nice

AndyF25 2512 days ago

Awesome just simply awesome. I hope one when I get older to be just like TK he is my hero, obviosly have a low standard for heros but none the less he is a great man.

whitney_blaine 2513 days ago

love it! wear them on the show

luishuicho 2513 days ago

Toss up, who looks better TK or MW with the pants???

bigwash21 2513 days ago

nice look

bigwash21 2513 days ago

nice look

YoTweets 2513 days ago

good thing the shine from the dome is blinding me from the rest of this horrendous site!

dymueller 2513 days ago

Nice, but it would be better if Mr. Tony busted out the old cape to go along with. Classic!

joes_apartment 2513 days ago

Fortunately for TK, John Daly is the only person who could look worse than him in those pants

joemktg 2513 days ago

Which is more orange: TK or the pumpkin in the background?

AbaOblongata 2513 days ago

If the pants came in black and white, TK could do the penguin dance in style!

drizzle29 2513 days ago

Now if only we could get Wilbon try them