Imagine a world where all mankind back to the heart, you can imagine for a second??
An adult world in which while innocent and transparent as children, to open to the magic of each moment as unique, without conditions and distortions for their past. and in which everyone has their own healed furrows, their own pains and traumas, from love given.
 A world where people always say its truth, from the heart, no place to lie or defense of any interest. The only possible interest is the universal good. 
where people do not remain divided on behalf of any higher power 
It is a world where all the incredible intellectual capacity of human beings, is focused on creating constructive goods, actions and tools for collective welfare. It is a universe where the energy of love is manifested in all, it's all ... 
Among human beings to each other, between man and other living species, and in balance and harmony with Mother Earth that houses us .. 
Suddenly I wake up sleep, and I wonder how it is possible to create that utopian world? The words of all my teachers echo in my mind...
In light of these words, immensely wise, clearly understand that each path is "be your own master." If each individual is on the road to turn every single action of his life in an act of love for self and neighbor, ALL awaken humanity to unity, collapsed walls and barriers that separate us, and the world above expressed by way of a dream will  real
join the change and start being part of the dream .. #mjfans @MJMagicDream