Mikayla Helmkamp On Facebook: (Who Wrote This Message 12 Hours Ago) On My Page "Stephanie Hebard" ~ Who Is NOT My Friend, We Share A Friend (Patty Abbott) Only:

"Why are you taking pictures of your kid being loaded up into an ambulance...? Why would you not be 100% focused on the fact that YOU KID IS SO SICK HE IS HAVING TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL IN AN AMBULANCE....here you are snapping pics for facebook..... smh some people though."

Why Don't You Talk 2  Pattie Abbott , Rhonda Buchholz Little Brenda Buchholz Trail Gaileen Haselwood-Massey Mary Kay Buchholz  Darius'sPoppi Antonides Regarding What Kind Of Parent I AM ????? Patty Abbott Is (1) Of My Son's Grandmother and Mary Kay Buchholz, His Other Grandmother.

I Started This #PVL Site On My Page (7) Years Ago. (1 In 78) Premature Babies R Born With #PVL & The Parents Are SO Scared Because Their Dr.s Don't Know, Even Know How To Spell (Peri-Ventricular Lukamalsia) & 50% Of Boys & 35% Of Girls DIE Be4 Their (10th) Birthday! So I Have A (12) Yr. Old Boy Who Has Made It This Far SO I SHARE GOOD/BAD Of What I Know In "REAL-TIME" What I Know About Raising A Child With #PVL...Not Only Do I Have "This Page" & A "Team Darius" Page But I Am Raising Awareness On A #PVL  Support Group Page and Lastly A @TeamDarius Page On Twitter. I (Mother) Was In Talking To (911) As The Ambulance's Were Coming 2 My House, My Husband Greg Antonides Was Smoking Waiting 4 Them Outside. Most Times When (911) Comes Out, They Throw Both My Husband & I Out Of The Way Because They Know Team Darius (D-Man) By His 1st NAME and Probably Know His Medical History Better Than His Dr. & Specialist Team Involved.

BTW: My (D-Man) Goes By Ambulance (1 X A Month) For "Rolling Seizures" That We Can't Stop Since He Was 2 Yrs Old.

We Take PICTURES/VIDEOS Because Sometimes We Are In The Hospital FOR Days & That How We Let OUR #FAMILY and  #TeamDariusPVLArmyFamily Know How He's Doing! 

I TAKE PICTURES EVERYDAY, No Matter What Is Going On (Happy, Sad, Seizures, Hospitals, Playing Nintendo With FUTURE (1st) Round Draft Pick Football Players DeJon Gomes and Prince Amakamara Or/ Famous *MMA-Fighters* Shane Carwin and EEG Testing Or EKG Testing Or EVEN Skin Testing Like YOUR Last Post On (YOUR PAGE) Of Ur Son!

UNLESS, You Live Everyday WONDERING If Your Son Is Going To ****WAKE UP**** In The Morning and Did NOT PASS In The Middle Of The Night Like So Many Children Do Who Have #PVL and/Or Says, "I LOVE YOU, MOMMA" Every Morning" Please DO NOT JUDGE ME For HOW I Choose To Share & Celebrate MY SON, *Darius Jacob Antonides* LIFE With The World. I Feel That My Son Was Sent Here To #Inspire, #Motivate #Educate and To Be LOVED 4 Just Being Him! Since He Is Too Young To Tell His Story To Help Others Who Are Living With #PVL and/Or Parents Of Children 2 Know What To Expect From Their Special Bundles Of Joy! If WE Could/Did Help (1) Parent, Doctors Or Older Children That Live With #PVL Then D-Man and I Have DONE OUR JOB! I AM PROUD OF MY POSTINGS....THEY SHOW THE ABSOLUTE STRONG SPIRIT That My Son, D-Man Envelops Within Him!!!!! He Did Not Ask For The Cards He Was Dealt But He SURE DOES Put A (SMILE On His Face Everyday & A Thumbs Up) That Most People INCLUDING ME Would Not/Could Not Do Either! I Hope That You Have Learned NOT TO JUDGE A PICTURE By It's COVER!

Thank You For Reminding Me Why I Put SO Many Hours & Years I Put Into This! Sometimes I Forget When I Am Exhausted and Feel Like It Is A Job! People Like You, Remind Me Why What I Do Is More Of A Blessing!

Stephanie Hebard & The EVER GREAT, D-Man :*