ok here goes:
first and foremost
I'd like to apologize to
Pablo Sanchez-Navarro
Hotel El Gonzo
the good people of Cabo
who organized the film festival
as well as all of my fans in
I boarded my plane this am
with denise, my daughters Sam and Lola, as well as my publicist Jeff Ballard and life long best friend Tony Todd.
I allotted ample time to attend the event in a punctual and safe capacity.
however we encountered a mechanical diversion that rendered the trip potentially life threatening.
the generous offer was made to have a replacement plane 
scoop us up,
and deliver us to said event.
the problem is
for a  myriad of reasons that are both practical and ethereal 
and completely rooted in a
gut check 'safety first' code,
I will NOT fly my family
 my friends
or myself on any other aircraft.
this is a non negotiable rule of mine as it lives in concert 
with zero wiggle room for maybes or friendly
as I write this my plane is still not launch ready therefore leaving us all with zero options to attend the event on time.
i am beyond apologetic and I ask all involved,
to exercise grace and understanding in and around the headaches I'm certain
this has created.