Providing updates from inside and out of the #BB16 house! WINNER: Derrick RUNNER-UP: Cody AMERICA'S FAVORITE: Donny | #BB17 coming Summer 2015

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2457 days ago


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erica_cooper09 2450 days ago

They are adorable together and jeff is sooo sweet!

steelerfan2002 2454 days ago

i love them i hope they get married and have really cute babies

lynnzaleski 2454 days ago

soooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute....hope they get it together and stay a pair after the show...much better than the bachelor/bachelorette show!!

kaneesa_61906 2454 days ago

The most genuine in the house Love me some jeff and jordan action!!!

katiehawkes_ 2456 days ago

they're both too cute! their babies would be adorable! ;) haha.

jdionne53 2457 days ago

They are good together neither one is an intellectual giant.

video3409 2457 days ago

They are so cute together. I hope they are the final two.

aj82lo 2457 days ago

another awwww...go team j&j!

sandmanondatrak 2457 days ago

Jeff treats her like shit

blondeshel 2457 days ago

They are the perfect yin/yang

lovingit2 2457 days ago

they are an adorable couple, it will be interesting to see where this could go :)

Sara_Elizzabeth 2457 days ago

aww :)

laneylvselvis 2457 days ago

I love them together.. and thank you for all your tweet updates and pictures

cillaj 2457 days ago

I think Jordan is so cute..Jeff well that goes without saying.......good luck to both.....want Jeff to win....

brookevictory 2457 days ago

awww they are so cute :) i hope they get together afterwards

awhyoumademeink 2457 days ago

They are just too adorable :D

lohrumts73 2457 days ago

I hope they last- even outside the BB House. They compliment each other well.