#Matangi Out Now: http://t.co/h1xci7x0Gr matangidoc@gmail.com

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ImAYellowMonsta 1634 days ago

love it!

paralover6661 1697 days ago

how did you do that?......i wanna do my nails like that.hahah

Hazel8500 1708 days ago


getgln 1717 days ago


Flaming_Spaz 1717 days ago


Flaming_Spaz 1717 days ago

MONEY VS. PEOPLE which do you choose maya?

....stop selling out.

Flaming_Spaz 1717 days ago

I USED TO LOVE YOU BUT NOW YOU LOVE MONEY. m.i.a. please go back ur old self. please. please. please.

Flaming_Spaz 1717 days ago

Finally, although 2005s Arular was a better album, last years Kala made M.I.A. a roaring success. It just wouldnt make sense if she ended her career now.

Flaming_Spaz 1717 days ago

Due to her future marriage into money, it would make sense for her to take a brief hiatus. Yet, that is a whole different story within itself.

Flaming_Spaz 1717 days ago

Lets just say, I find it a bit off-setting that a performer who has themes of rebellion against the white man weaved into her hit anthems and who is also the daughter of a head Tamil Tiger Rebel now charges $250 for shows and chooses to marry Benjamin Bre

blablawatever 1725 days ago

extreme :D

JESS_147 1737 days ago

nice i might do my nails like dat

deedee_fresh 1777 days ago

i love the idea for the nails!!! awesome

jillnuss 1827 days ago

omg howww??? where??

Journalismkidd 1829 days ago

looks like legos or TETRIS UBER FIERCE... CHLUVIT

SpoolPort 1844 days ago

The Index finger is pretty odd

lovemedeme 1847 days ago

I love them!

hgshepherd 1848 days ago


larkingrimm 1850 days ago

I am reading your palm. Hmmm. Very intelligent woman... old soul... many conflicts... strong life force... very cool head... very cool heart... strong intuition. Line of fate is straight and clear, straight up mystic

NiccholasR 1850 days ago

thats M.I.A...thats wot im talking bout...