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water, melanin, bones, blood.

i can only imagine what this sign says. i wuv the little guy.

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2453 days ago

i can only imagine what this sign says. i wuv the little guy.


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MelissaKisses 2432 days ago

its like a new test to check for lumps. in ur throat,pits and balls..hahahhahahaha

Jimmie1107 2453 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Nice to have a taste of Japan...

_MhmItsRIE 2453 days ago

omg lmao......

lovelovejack 2453 days ago

The picture explains an emergency measure method when it is hot.It is to cool the part which a mark stands for.

RIP_M_J 2453 days ago

lol ITCH-B-GONE...some ppl must get really itchy balls lol

MrsDecember10th 2453 days ago

Can we get a translator on deck please?

Constantlol 2453 days ago

Constantly scratching in public.... In the same spot (see the diagram) Well then you need Itch-b-gone. Make those itches disappear fast. Warning: Itch-b-gone may cause dry skin, rash, and other stuff we cant fit on the board.

Dudewhy0602 2453 days ago


iAmJus10 2453 days ago

Nope i think it's an advertisement about a product in Tokyo like our Axe body spray...LOL Spray this , this, and these...HaHa!

karlaTOOstarr 2453 days ago

WOAHHH haha.. i can only imagine what this sign says tooo!

dreem 2453 days ago

LoL is it for a deodorant or sumphin'? Ahhaa he's alright w/ me

nikoi25 2453 days ago

Wtf is that...I can't see it that good but is his armpitts on fire!

cHaLyA 2453 days ago

This bottle contains a magical mixture that would detoxify you and cleanse your lymph nodes. LOL!

Lindyyr 2453 days ago

i hope that aint the water bottle Bee got her face on ROTFLMAO

BERTHA1 2453 days ago

idk but it looks funny why is there arrows pointin at his crotch

ItzVoodoo 2453 days ago

Probably something about staying hydrated though. Those are all sweaty points. Lol.

BeyDon_ShanDees 2453 days ago


ItzVoodoo 2453 days ago

can I get a translation?

BeyHiveBarbie 2453 days ago

lol!! something about water??..