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Figured I'd share a cool picture before going to bed... peace!!!

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2375 days ago

Figured I'd share a cool picture before going to bed... peace!!!


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golfcolombia 2212 days ago

Looking forward to watching you soon down here in Bucaramanga on CityTV. Best of luck this year. We continue to move forward with our little golf course. Next time you're in Bucaramanga....

TewawinaGolf 2361 days ago

thats one step for man one giant leap for man kind

northsidetaco 2374 days ago

Chris Angel impersonation?

mqroberge 2374 days ago

Superman, Spiderman, you are the man. Now go win one! Wishing you luck

JustShake 2374 days ago

Next step...a major. Hop to it. Let's do this. GL.

greglanier 2374 days ago

who took that pic! timing is incredible...

Kimpga01 2374 days ago

Thanks for sharing! Great pic!

Kimpga01 2374 days ago

Up, up and away. Maybe you're Superman not Spiderman. :)

jksreed15 2375 days ago

good luck tomorrow!!!

lvgolfin 2375 days ago

Great picture! Good luck this week!

GolfTippin 2375 days ago

This picture reminds me of Sergio from the 1999 PGA Championship @ Medinah. You must've hit a solid shot!

GolferBoy0822 2375 days ago

Wow! What is your vert? You dont even look like your trying to jump!!

JamesInSaltLake 2375 days ago

hey Camilo...I'm glad you're on Twitter now

pnquintero 2375 days ago

Camilo, no te da calor esa ropa negra en pleno verano?

SPIDERFIST101 2375 days ago

Spiderman cant fly????? :)

In_tu_ition 2375 days ago

Watch out David Blaine!!

mvg9 2375 days ago

get up son!